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Reactors for the cultivation of microalgae

TecnoAlgae stands out as an engineering specializing in the design of photobioreactors for the cultivation of microalgae. Our experience is focused on the creation of innovative solutions that go beyond the raceway base, incorporating a variety of add-on modules, which act in a synergistic manner, designed to enhance the productivity of the system.

 These components not only enhance productivity, but also are designed with a focus on sustainability, reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact.

In addition, in Tecnoalgae we are proud to facilitate the management of the plant through the implementation of advanced systems sensing and remote control. These systems allow you to monitor and adjust key parameters remotely, providing our customers with a greater control over the growing process. The sensing advanced ensures a precise monitoring of crop conditions, while the remote control capability provides flexibility and efficiency in the daily operation of the plant.

Treatment of pig manure

Purines, which are liquid waste generated by the rearing of animals, contain high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as other organic compounds.

The efficiency of the microalgae in the treatment of pig manure lies in its ability to absorb nutrients, produce biomass, oxygenate the water and recycle nutrients, offering an innovative and sustainable solution for waste management in the livestock industry.

A raceway of 100m2 (50 mx 2m) has capacidada to manage 45m3 of manure a year. Here you will be able to recover 30 m3 of water per year and you are going to get 100 kg of biomass algal which could get 10,000 liters of biostimulant and 5,500 litres of biopesticide.

Reused water 30 m3 / year

Photobioreactor 100m2

45 m3 / year


Biomass algal 1000 Kg / year

10,000 liters /year

5500 litres /year